We are going to explore this unique

tool which can save your hundreds

of dollars in advertisements.

It is called interest info dot

com and here is the website.

So, Let's see what this

tool can do for you;.

So basically this tool is designed for

all the digital marketers who are running

advertisement campaigns on "Facebook";.

This tool can help you in

reducing the ad costs;.

In Facebook; interest-based targetting

is very useful and one of the highly

converting types of the campaigns.

And this tool can suggest you hundreds

of unique audiences which are not yet

being targeted by your competitors.

Let's see how this tool works.

you can see here in Facebook ads

manager, you are getting only

25 suggestions, for any keyword.

So, you know, that you have thousands

of competitors, all these thousands

of your competitors and you; are

having the same 25 keywords to

choose from.;  you are targeting, the

same audience for the same product.

And this is costing you

a high cost per click.

But with this tool, which can provide you

with some advanced interests, which have

not yet been targeted by your competitors.

Let's see.

This tool can give you hundreds

of keywords for the same keyword.

So you can target those people, who are

not yet being targeted by your competitor.

You will have access to some

particular keywords, which are

very less targeted by the people.

But yes, it is also having the potential

to get converted.; means low advertizement

cost, blue ocean technique for marketing

and access to the whole new audiences.

Let's see how this tool work

with the demo, so let's go

to the Facebook ads manager.

This is the official Facebook ad manager;.

For example, if I am looking

for some interest related

to  "dogs", then you can see.

It has just 25 interests, if I want to

target those people who are interested in

dogs, then all my competitors will have

access to the same results and all of

them need to choose from this list only.

Now let's switch back to the tool

interest info dot com and if here

I type "dogs" and click on search.

So let's see how this result will come.

Wow!!!!,  "286 results",

which is 10 times higher.

This list includes all interest shown

in Facebook ad manager, Facebook pages

available to target using interests.,

large Facebook groups which are

joined by people interested in "dogs".

For example, you can see

here this is one interest.

In the side menu, you can get

in-depth details about the audience

to cherry-pick the interest.

Here is a page Dog 101.

So let's see what is this exactly, As we

can see the dog 101 is the Facebook page.

Again let's jump to our

interest info dot com dashboard.

So here is a list of interests

based on the pages people liked

or the groups' people have

joined, and it is not just yet.

You can download this entire list

of the audience with the details.

Here you can click and see

Google and Facebook search

result for the given keyword.

You can also save this result as

a project for future reference.

Apart from this, they are using some

artificial intelligence to filter

out the best audience you should

think for adding in your campaign.

It is known as Gems, out of hundreds

of keywords you can choose gems

which are suitable for your campaign.

It means instead of going for

selected and much more competitive

25 audiences you can also have such

less competitive audience to target.

Let's see how locale helps us in

getting even much better result, for

example, if you are looking for the same

keyword with Language Spanish, it will

give you a totally different result.

In gems, it is showing "Perros" as

a top result, means people in Spain

interested in a dog are targeted

less with the keyword "Perros", let's

see the meaning of "Perros", Wow!

you can see in Spain people call the

dog "Perros", so if the person in the

UK tries to target with the keyword

they will face too much competition but

such secret keywords can help you in

reaching to your audience before your

competitors even can think about this.

All this search result can be saved as

a project for future, you can also do

cherrypick your favourite keywords and

save with the details so when you need

all will be available at your fingertip.

You can also export this result and share

it with your team for further discussion.

Here you can also find a direct

link to the documentation.

A complete guide for interest-based

targeting with the tested and

proven technique you can achieve

your goal for reduction in ROI.

This ebook is available

exclusively for Interest Info

dot com users at free of cost.

Visit the support page for

more details on Free e-Book for

FaceBook interest targeting with

interests info dot com tool.